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Philosophy of Holiday at the Farm Association

Extract of Eva Lechner's paper "Holiday at the farm"


What exactly is the association "Holiday at the Farm"? The many members of this association have connected to allow each individual farm to present their unique features on a shared platform. This is the reason why the association has established such detailed quality guidelines for each accommodation.


The brand name of "Holiday at the Farm in Tyrol" offers guests quality-guaranteed and hospitable holiday accommodation at a working farm. A comission checks and reviews the members of this association on a regular basis on the following criteria:


Quality of farm stay experience:

This judges the lifestyle and the work done at the working farm, as well as the farm products available. The interactions between the farmers and the animals at the farm are an important aspect of the quality of life on the farm.


Quality of the amenities:

The location of the farmhouse is of the utmost importance. Further important features of the property play an important role as well, such as the garden, playground, sunbathing lawn, stables, pens, etc. Of course, the interior is just as important for a lovely stay. Therefore, the rooms, apartments, common rooms and, if available, wellness areas at the farmhouse are considered for this important apect.


Quality of service:

This entails all the offers available at the accommodation, such as breakfast or half-board, additional activities and information available for guests.


The results of these checks then lead to the accommodation being awarded the unique seal of quality, the lovely daisy flowers. The farmhouses are awarded 2, 3, or 4 daisies and give all guests insight into the available offers and services at their dream-farmhouse.


There is another important factor to ensure a wonderful holiday at one of the delightful farms. The genuine hospitality from your hosts, the customs and traditions, which are so important for farmers here – these facets of a farm stay holiday are unmatched. As guests at a farm you can immerse yourself in the daily workings of a farm and maybe even help out to gain valuable experience, especially for children.


While staying at a farm, it is never important to consider the numbers, but it is always important to consider the living space and atmosphere unique to each and every farm. Explore your love for nature and enjoy a memorable holiday experience at one of the farms and feel right at home. All members of our association ensure that all guests are welcomed into the familiar atmosphere of the traditionally run farmhouse.


A holiday at a farmhouse in Tyrol is always a special deep-rooted experience, which is mainly due to the people, and the interactions at the different farms.


A lot of farms are specialized on certain activities such as biking, riding, or are suited for babies, seminars, wine, or for a wheelchair accessible holiday. This ensures that every guest can find their dream holiday farm. The association of "Holiday at the Farm Tyrol" has special offers available for all families with children looking for a farm stay holiday. Each farm can offer different exciting activities and attractions, suited to every taste. A normal day on holiday at one of the farms soon adapts to the every-day rhythm of farming life. Starting off with feeding the animals, helping to tend to the herb- or vegetable gardens, tending to the fields, and after an exciting day, you can relax on the comfortable terrace together with the entire family.


All the members of our association "Holiday at the Farm Tyrol" offer guests comfortable and well-maintained holiday flats and rooms including breakfast or half-board for you to feel right at home.

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