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From the Au to Bärenbad or Bärenbad to the Au

Tour length: 3 km
Altitude difference: 185 m
Rest stops along the way: Bärenbad Alm or Gasthof In der Au


Au - Sundergrund to Kainzeralm: The Alpine pastures have been home to cows and sheep, as well as the Ahrntal farmers of the Zillertal valley for hundreds of years. The animals there have provided fresh milk and cheese over the centuries.


In der Au - Kainzenalm on foot: 2 hours, return 1.5 hours



Bärenbad - Zillergrund Stausee Mauerkrone by foot: 1 hour


If you hike from Bärenbad to the Zillergründl reservoir, a unique combination of nature and technology awaits you at the edge of the recreational and rest area. Embedded in the largely untouched surroundings 1,850 m above sea level, the Zillergrund reservoir has a storage capacity of 86.7 million m3 and a 506-m long and 186-m high dam wall.

Local Events & Current News

Winter Holiday

Winter Bliss

Perfect conditions on the slopes in the Zillertal

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Heumilchprodukte aus der Erlebnissennerei Zillertal

Alpine Dairy

Taste the delicious hay-milk products from the dairy in Mayrhofen

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Hofeigene Produkte auf unseren Urlaubsbauernhöfen

Farm Produce

Taste the freshest products from the farms.

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Das Gauderfest in Zell am Ziller

Special Offers

Find special offers for your holiday in the Zillertal.

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Zillertal Bikechallenge


Explore the beautiful Zillertal along the marked trails.

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